360-Degree Feedback Competency Library

Our competencies, your competencies, or both

The EchoSpan tool allows you to use your own, custom competencies for administering feedback reviews, or, you can pick from our professionally-written, proven competency library. Below is a complete listing of our current competency set. You can use these competencies as-is or edit them to suit your project's needs. The competency library is included with all EchoSpan editions.
Taking responsibility for performance
Displaying flexibility toward organizational change or ambiguities
Analytical Thinking
Following a scientific approach to problem solving and understanding of complex issues
Attention to Detail
Accomplishing tasks in a thorough manner
Building Teams
Creating productive and effective work groups
Change Leadership
Managing organizational change for accelerated impact and reduced friction
Client Focus
Pursuing excellent customer service in all actions
Developing individual and team capabilities through mentorship
Working with others to accomplish common goals
Collaborative Leadership
Seeking and embracing cooperation among peers in decision making
Relaying information clearly and receiving information effectively
Conflict Management
Working to bring disagreements to resolution
Acting in a principled manner
Consulting Skills
Providing high-quality consulting services to clients
Continuous Improvement
Constantly seeking ways to increase effectiveness or reduce costs
Continuous Learning
Keeping up-to-date on relevant current knowledge and skills to perform more effectively
Creativity and Innovation
Approaching challenges and problems in original ways
Cross-cultural Adaptability
Connects and performs effectively across different cultures and backgrounds.
Customer Service
Providing customers with a high-quality experience
Relying on others to perform tasks as appropriate
Diversity and Inclusion
Practices creating a workplace that is inclusive of individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.
Demonstrating passion for performance and a desire for continuous improvement
Emotional Intelligence
Skills that enable individuals to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions, as well as those of others.
Understanding and sharing the feelings of others
Building business concepts that are original and profitable
Fiscal Management
Managing financial resources responsibly
Tracking job tasks from inception to completion
Influencing Others
Affecting others' thinking or actions deliberately and effectively
Performing beyond expectations for a given task
Acting in a consistent, principled manner
Interpersonal Skills
Relating to others
Interviewing Skills
Selecting high-quality candidates
Makes decisions wisely, after evaluating all available options
Meeting Leadership
Organizing and leading effective team meetings
Meeting Participation
Participating actively and appropriately in meetings
Motivating Others
Creating and sustaining a culture that encourages others to do their best
Maximizing the benefit of business transactions to the organization
Performance Management
Ensuring regular management and communication of employee performance
Political Savvy
Understanding of political landscape within the organization
Presentation Skills
Presenting information effectively to an audience
Problem Solving
Resolving complex problems through analytical thinking
Behaving in a manner that upholds the principles of the organization
Project Management
Taking actions and responsibilities necessary to complete projects
Produces deliverables that meet or exceed expectations
Finding and attracting qualified job candidates
Relationship Building
Forging constructive, trusting business relationships
Dependability in completing job tasks
The ability to withstand and recover from difficulties
Resource Planning
Using appropriate tools to manage information
Planning, organizing and implementing projects to meet established goals
Risk Taking
Taking measured and calculated risks
Demonstrating self-assurance appropriately
Works without the need for constant supervision
Dedication to meeting needs of others in the organization
Strategic Thinking
Identifying, creating and leveraging ideas for long-term success
Stress Tolerance
Handling of adverse or stressful situations
Team Leadership
Leading workgroups effectively
Working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals
Technical Expertise
Use of specialized skills and knowledge in the completion of job tasks
Time Management
Prioritizing tasks according to importance and constraints
Acting in a dependable, honest and reliable manner
Valuing Diversity
Understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people.
Developing a view toward the future that is unique and strategic
Writing Skills
Using written documents to communicate effectively
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