Migrating Survey Data to EchoSpan

Import data from your existing 360 feedback provider into EchoSpan.

Many of our new customers have an existing 360-degree feedback provider. We make transitioning to EchoSpan painless with a set of data migration options that help new customers import data from their legacy 360 tool. Data migration is a managed process, so we help you each step of the way. All you need to do is export your existing survey data into a standardized format and we import it for you.

Why migrate your data?

Migrating historical survey data into EchoSpan means that you can continue to benefit from the information your company has developed over time. Once your data has been migrated into our platform, you will be able to:
  • Run reports on legacy reviews as if they were originally created in EchoSpan.
  • Merge historical data with current reviews for creation of benchmarks and comparative reports.
  • Provide employees with a complete, seamless history of their feedback.
  • Centralize feedback data from multiple sources and store securely.

What data can be migrated?

Data migration usually involves moving the following types of information from a previous review system into EchoSpan:
  • Survey participant (Target and Rater) information including names, roles and email addresses.
  • Survey projects, question sets, competencies and rating scales.
  • Review responses to rated and open-ended comment questions.
  • Demographic data captured through review forms.

How is data migrated?

EchoSpan's technical team manages most of the tasks involved in migrating your data from another vendor's platform. This is done either by contacting the vendor directly and obtaining an export database of your historical information, or, by helping you produce a flat-file export of all past reviews. We then import that data into our system and make it available to you via the EchoSpan administrative portal.

The import of migrated data is an available service for Enterprise-level subscriptions. A discounted, separate licensing fee is paid for each survey imported in addition to standard licensing fees, which makes the migrated review available in the EchoSpan tool for reporting, analysis and benchmarking. The license fee for migrated data is a one-time charge. Hosting of data is covered by your annual subscription fee.

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