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EchoSpan 7.82 Release Notes
Version 7. 82 of the EchoSpan platform will be released on April 20th, 2024. This release includes new functionality for conditional competencies, conditional questions, additional autopilot reminders, and new reporting options. As always, new features for the 360 tool are included at no additional cost in their respective EchoSpan editions. Brief summaries of the new features and enhancements are below. 7. 82 R... Read more
Friday, April 19, 2024
Key Benefits of Skills Assessments for your Organization
In the ever-evolving landscape of education and career development, the importance of skills assessments cannot be overstated. The results of skills assessments serve as a guide to promote success of individuals and teams by providing a comprehensive understanding of one's abilities and areas for improvement. Skills assessments tailored to the culture and resource needs of your unique organization will provide important benefits to retain employees and grow your organization. <s... Read more
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Turning 360-Degree Feedback Into Action: Navigating the Path from Insight to Implementation
How do we effectively translate the feedback received from a 360-degree assessment into specific, actionable development plans without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of feedback?Navigating through the feedback from a 360-degree assessment can be a pivotal step in professional growth. The key is to transform feedback into targeted, actionable development plans. Here's a strategic approach to translating insights into effective growth strategies without feeling overwh... Read more
Friday, March 29, 2024
Achieving Balance: Crafting Effective Feedback Reports for 360-Degree Feedback Surveys
When it comes to 360-degree feedback, the quality of feedback reports plays an important part in the employee development process. A challgenge in outputting the hundreds of datapoints found in a typical feedback survey is finding balance providing comprehensive information while avoiding overwhelming the reader. Let's explore how companies on our platform can ensure their feedback reports achieve this delicate equilibrium:Focus on Essential Information: When designing... Read more
Sunday, March 17, 2024
Ensuring the Accuracy and Relevance of Translations in EchoSpan's 360 Feedback Tools
At EchoSpan, we understand the critical importance of accurate and culturally relevant translations in our feedback tools. Our global clientele relies on our software to deliver nuanced and precise feedback across diverse linguistic landscapes, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of translation quality. Tailored Translation Proce... Read more
Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Modifying Dynamically-Generated Surveys to Fit Your Needs
When we introduced our groundbreaking Dynamically-Generated 360-Degree Feedback Surveys at EchoSpan, one common question that came up is the extent to which users can make modifications to automated templates. Let's explore the flexibility our system offers in customizing surveys to meet your organization's unique requirements. Our AI-Powered Dynamic Surveys streamline the p... Read more
Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Case Study: Leadership Development at a Fortune 100 Financial Firm
EchoSpan works with a broad range of clients and over the years, we ve helped many of them successfully implement and sustain meaningful 360 degree feedback programs for Leadership and Employee Development. We work with a number of clients in the financial sector, and have detailed key components of a successful program with a Fortune 100 financial investment firm to share best practices. For this firm and many EchoSpan clients, developing current and future leadership is a top priorit... Read more
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Navigating Leadership Growth: The Benefits of Tracking 360 Feedback Over Time
In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, the journey towards effective leadership is ongoing. At EchoSpan, we recognize the importance of not just assessing leadership skills but also keeping a watchful eye on their evolution over time. In this post, let's explore why tracking changes in 360 feedback results is crucial for personal and organizational growth, with a grounded touch and practical examples. 1. Moving Beyond Static Assessments: A Continuous... Read more
Thursday, November 30, 2023
EchoSpan Secures $25.7 Million Jury Award in Trade Secret Theft Lawsuit Against Rival Medallia
Atlanta, Georgia, November 2, 2023. EchoSpan, a leading provider of employee 360-degree feedback and performance management solutions, has prevailed in a trade secret misappropriation lawsuit against industry giant, Medallia. After a protracted legal battle, and following a week-long trial, on November 1, 2023, a jury empaneled in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California found Medallia liable for trade secret misappropriation and awarded EchoSpan $11. 7 mi... Read more
Friday, November 3, 2023
Introducing Dynamically-Generated Surveys
At EchoSpan, we are committed to making the process of creating 360 feedback surveys as seamless and effective as possible. We understand that crafting the perfect survey can be a daunting task, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: Dynamically-Generated Surveys. The Challenge of Crafting Customized 360 Feedback SurveysTraditionally, creating 360 feedback surveys has been a time-consuming and complex task. HR professionals and managers... Read more
Monday, October 2, 2023
Why Pulse Surveys Matter
Engaged and motivated employees are the lifeblood of any successful organization. But fostering this engagement requires more than just traditional top-down feedback channels. Enter employee-created pulse surveys, a fresh and innovative approach that offers numerous advantages for both employers and their workforce. 1. Empowerment and Ownership</... Read more
Wednesday, September 20, 2023
EchoSpan 7.81 Release Notes
Version 7. 81 of the EchoSpan platform will be released on September 16th, 2023. This release includes new functionality for user-driven pulse surveys, enhancements to the participant experience and updates to the 360 reporting suite. As always, new features for the 360 tool are included at no additional cost in their respective EchoSpan editions. Brief summaries of the new features and enhancements are below. You will notice that this release features several new add... Read more
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Unlocking Growth: The Crucial Role of Development Planning After a 360 Survey
Organizations thrive when their employees are continuously growing, learning, and adapting. One powerful tool in the realm of professional development is the 360-degree feedback assessment. By providing individuals with a comprehensive view of their strengths and areas for improvement, this assessment can pave the way for meaningful growth. However, the true value of a 360 assessment lies not only in the feedback received but also in the subsequent development planning process. In this articl... Read more
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Professional Services from EchoSpan
After nearly 20 years in the business, we understand that managing a 360-degree feedback program can be time-consuming and complex, especially for organizations that do not have a current competency model or large numbers of participants. That's why we have a professional services team to help streamline the process and ensure that your organization gets the most out of your feedback projects. Our team of experienced professionals can help you design and build your review project, inclu... Read more
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Celebrating Our 50,000th Survey Project
After almost 20 years in operation, EchoSpan has reached a significant milestone: completing our 50,000th employee feedback survey project. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and grateful to the hundreds of clients and millions of individuals who have entrusted us with their employee feedback needs over the years. Reaching 50,000 survey projects is a testament... Read more
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Data Integrations with EchoSpan
Are you looking for ways to streamline your 360 feedback process? EchoSpan easily integrates with your existing HRIS or employee performance management system to make running employee surveys easier. Using a variety of connection methods, you can integrate your EchoSpan 360 assessments and employee surveys with common HRIS platforms and employee management systems such as Workday, ADP and SuccessFactors to name a few. By integrating with EchoSpan, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, includin... Read more
Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Brand Your 360 Feedback to Increase Engagement
Your company's feedback reports should reflect your brand identity, not the software vendor that supplies them. EchoSpan has a suite of features to make your surveys and custom reports look just the way you want them. At EchoSpan, we understand that every organization has its own unique identity, which is why we have always offered our clients the ability to customize their surveys and reports to match their branding. We believe that by allowing our clients to brand their surveys and re... Read more
Monday, March 20, 2023
EchoSpan's Dynamic Reading Suggestions and Action Guides
360 feedback is a powerful professional development tool that provides individuals with comprehensive feedback from a variety of sources such as managers, peers, and subordinates. It helps individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and develop their skills. However, feedback alone is not enough to drive development. To achi... Read more
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Introducing Customizable Report Cover Pages for EchoSpan
At EchoSpan, we're always looking for ways to improve our customers' experience with our platform. That's why we're excited to announce the introduction of custom cover pages, a new feature that lets customers apply their own imagery to their reports. What are custom cover pages?Custom cover pages are a way for customers to personalize their <a href="https://www. echospan. com/360-degree-feedbac... Read more
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
EchoSpan 7.80 Release Notes
Version 7. 80 of the EchoSpan platform was released on October 23, 2022. This release includes new features and enhancements to the user experience and 360 reporting suite. As always, new features for the 360 tool are included at no additional cost in their respective EchoSpan editions. <span class="Apple-converte... Read more
Sunday, October 23, 2022
Empower Employees to Initiate Feedback with EchoSpan
EchoSpan offers the ability for employees to request 360 feedback via self-enrollment in support of their ongoing development. Managers can also enroll their direct reports to receive this valuable feedback. Review criteria can be pre-set by an administrator, or it can be selected by the reviewee to target specific are... Read more
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Rater and Target Tools Refresh
Recently, we updated the EchoSpan administrative tool for greater usability, clarity and speed. Soon, similar improvements are coming to the end-users' tools. Among other enhancements, in the upcoming 7. 80 release of EchoSpan, your users will benefit from:WCAG compliance. The EchoSpan tool will be WCAG-compliant for responding to surveys and completing/auditing lists of feedback raters. These changes make the EchoSpan tool more accessible to users with difficult... Read more
Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Four Trends in 360 Feedback for Spring 2022
In the course of providing employee feedback tools for several thousand companies worldwide, we can't help but notice trends in the way our software is being used. This spring is no exception, as companies dust off their developmental feedback programs for 2022. Four of the most common areas for process improvement we're seeing are discussed here. During the pandemic, business process improvements took a back seat to doing what was necessary to get through the day... . Read more
Monday, June 6, 2022
EchoSpan 7.79 Release Notes
Version 7. 79 of the EchoSpan platform was released on March 12th, 2022. This release includes new features and enhancements to our 360 feedback, development planning and employee engagement functionality. As always, new features are included at no additional cost in their respective EchoSpan editions. Brief summaries of the new features and enhancements are below. Once the release is published, we'll make additional documentation on each of these items available in the <a href="ht... Read more
Sunday, March 13, 2022
Case Study: Leaderology
In today's blog entry, we're proud to share a new case study created in partnership with our customer, Leaderology, who uses the EchoSpan 360-degree feedback system to provide coaching services to their clients. "Just like professional athletes, all great leaders need coaches, too. Coaching is a positive thing! We prefer not to only be brought in for coaching when there is an issue with a leader, but rather for high potentials to help them get to the next level. "<p... Read more
Friday, March 4, 2022
What's just around the corner in EchoSpan v7.79
EchoSpan will soon be releasing version 7. 79 of our employee feedback platform. In this blog entry, we take a sneak peek at a few of the noteworthy enhancements this release has to offer. Net Promoter ScoreNet Promoter Score or NPS is a measure of how much others would recommend a company, product or employee. NPS is a trademarked process where questions are asked a specific way with a specific rating scale and reports are calculated according to their fo... Read more
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Case Study: Symmetra
In today's blog entry, we're proud to share a new case study created in partnership with our customer, Symmetra, who uses the EchoSpan 360-degree feedback system to provide employee survey services to its consulting clients. "Inclusive leadership has evolved from a 'nice-to-have', to a definitive capability that separates high performing teams and organizations from the average. " - Josh Price, Director of Growth at Symmetra. About SymmetraSymmetra ... Read more
Thursday, January 20, 2022
Options for Running Feedback Projects in Multiple Languages
One unique capability of the EchoSpan system is the ease with which you can administer employee feedback projects in multiple languages. Our platform supports an ever-growing list of languages and regional dialects, currently standing at more than 100. Many of our customers choose EchoSpan specifically for features such as this, as we are unrivaled in the industry in terms of flexibility and capability in internationalization. What many clients might be less aware of are the options ava... Read more
Friday, December 10, 2021
Three Reasons Companies Increasingly Rely on 360-Degree Feedback
By now, just about everyone that works in a corporate or organizational setting is familiar with 360-degree feedback. After all, its roots date back to assessment of naval officers following World War II. But if you ask WHY 360-degree feedback is considered such an important part of our professional lives now, many are unaware of its benefits. Here are three top reasons that modern companies rely on 360-degree feedback as part of their employee development programs. Structu... Read more
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Five Reasons Why EchoSpan is a Top Choice for Consultants
If you are a human resources consultant or coach that is thinking of delivering 360-degree feedback to your customers, EchoSpan has you covered. Our tool was designed from the start to address the unique needs of HR consultants and coaches. Here are five of our most popular features for consultants and coaches:Organize customer accounts. You can create sub-accounts for each of your customers, each customizable with their own logos, review content, workflows and su... Read more
Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Refer a Colleague and Earn Free Licenses
Like many businesses, we depend heavily on recommendations from our customers to fuel our growth. Last year, more than 20 percent of our new customers came from referrals from our existing clients. Now, referring your friends and colleagues to EchoSpan just got better. From now until March 31st, 2022, when you refer a new customer to EchoSpan, we ll drop two free 360-degree feedback licenses into your account for every ten that they purchase. There's no limit on the number of... Read more
Monday, October 25, 2021
EchoSpan 7.78 Release Notes
Version 7. 78 of the EchoSpan platform will be released on July 31st, 2021. This release includes a number of workflow, reporting and administrative enhancements to the platform. As always, new features for the platform are included at no additional cost in their respective EchoSpan editions. Brief summaries of each update are included below. You can find additional documentation on each of these items in EchoSpan s online <a href="https://www. echospan. com/product-gui... Read more
Thursday, July 29, 2021
Free 360 Feedback Options
If you're interested in implementing an employee feedback and development program but not sure where to begin, EchoSpan has you covered. We offer options that allow you to experience our platform as a feedback recipient, as well as a program administrator; enabling you to gain a robust understanding of our system's benefits and functionality prior to making a commitment. With our free 360 offering, you can enroll... Read more
Thursday, May 6, 2021
Prioritize Efforts with New Forced Ranking Features
EchoSpan is continuously improving our offering by adding new features and enhancements based on client requests. A recent addition to the tool is a forced rank item type. Forced rank items can help individuals and teams prioritize where to focus their development efforts. When pri... Read more
Thursday, August 6, 2020
Multi-Factor Authentication for EchoSpan Admins
At EchoSpan, site security has always been a key focus of our offering. The security of our clients data is very important to us, as is making certain clients can access the EchoSpan platform at any time. We are committed to investing in industry-leading security and high-availability technologies for our customers. As a part of this ongoing commitment, we ve recently added... Read more
Thursday, August 27, 2020
The Importance of Employee Development Programs and Benefits of 360 Feedback
It's important to invest in employee development if you want to attract and retain top talent. EchoSpan's employee development program tools are beneficial to employees at all levels, whether they are individual contributors, mid-level managers or senior leaders. With the speed and pressure of everyday business, it can feel overwhelming to create and manage these programs, but there are a number of reasons to prioritize employee d... Read more
Saturday, September 16, 2023
New Features for the New Year!
Version 7. 77 of the EchoSpan platform is now live. This release includes a number of enhancements to our reporting and development resources, as well as security features and other updates to the administrative tool. Thank you to all of the program administrators who offered suggestions and feedback that helped us identify these enhancement opportunities. We re ... Read more
Tuesday, January 5, 2021
8 Simple Guidelines to Structure a Successful 360 Feedback Program
In this post, we will outline the necessary steps to ensure a successful 360-degree feedback review campaign with EchoSpan. Keep in mind the goal of the review is to end with information that will help your employees be more successful in their roles. 1. Identify company's core competenciesMany business leaders get in a big hurry and look for review content that is already written ba... Read more
Friday, January 29, 2021
4 Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your 360-Degree Feedback Process
The primary purpose of a 360-degree feedback review is to help employees better understand their strengths and developmental opportunities. The review process is greatly enhanced by engaging the employee in a conversation about their results immediately following the review. The following steps can help the debriefing manager maximize the effectiveness of the 360-degr... Read more
Thursday, February 4, 2021
6 Critical Questions to Ask Your 360 Feedback Company
In nearly 20 years of providing an online 360-degree feedback platform to more than 6,000 companies, we ve been asked a lot of questions by our prospective customers. Many questions are common; everyone asks about pricing, our company history and whether or not they can display their logo on reports. To our surprise, though, many inquirers do not a... Read more
Thursday, February 11, 2021
EchoSpan's Dedicated Resources for Consultants
In the past year, organizations have been forced to make significant changes to the way employees work and engage with one another. With these changes come new challenges, as well as opportunities for I/O Psychologists and Executive Coaches to offer consultation services and help these organizations navigate the new landscape. These professionals study organizations and their employees to improve the productivity, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being of those within the workplace envir... Read more
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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