EchoSpan 360-degree feedback survey Templates

360-Degree Feedback Templates

Get started quickly with professionally-designed, editable review templates.

Our professionally-designed 360-degree feedback templates are included with all EchoSpan editions. Ready-made review templates help you get up and running in minutes and can be edited to suit your specific needs. Alternatively, you can import your existing 360-degree feedback review content into our system, or, build a review from scratch with our competency library.


Senior Executive
The Senior Executive 360-degree review was crafted for use with individuals in the highest levels of leadership in an organization. It seeks to gather feedback on the skills needed by top-level executives to develop a clear vision for the future, motivate team members, exhibit high integrity and manage the fiscal direction of the organization effectively.
Mid-level Executive
The Mid-level Executive 360-degree feedback review is intended for use with middle managers and aspiring senior executives. It solicits feedback on competencies in realizing organizational goals, team building, mentorship as well as accountability of responsibility for outcomes.

People Manager

Senior Manager
The Senior Manager 360-degree feedback review is intended for use with experienced managers that lead permanent, cross-functional teams. It is focused to provide feedback on cultivating teams, communicating effectively and realizing the goals of the organization.
Team Manager
The Team Manager 360-degree feedback review is designed for use with leaders of permanent small- to medium-sized workgroups. It is intended to solicit feedback on behaviors and capabilities needed by workgroup managers to be successful leaders. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal skills, problem resolution, development of team members and integrity.
Project Manager
The Project Manager 360-degree feedback review is designed for use with employees that lead teams and align resources toward the completion of specific deliverables. It solicits feedback on interpersonal behaviors, technical job skills and ability to achieve assigned outcomes.

Individual Contributor

The Analyst 360-degree feedback review assesses the skills exhibited by knowledge workers engaged in the production of high-quality deliverables. While competencies focus on job-task related behaviors, emphasis is also placed on interpersonal skills and long-term leadership potential.
Technical or Knowledge Worker
The Technical or Knowledge Worker 360-degree feedback review covers the skills exhibited by individual contributors engaged in technical tasks. The review focuses on assessing the employee's abilities in the areas of teamwork, collaboration and production of high-quality, constantly-improving results.
Sales Professional
The Sales Professional 360-degree feedback review covers the capabilities exhibited by salespeople developing business. Areas of focus include taking responsibility for outcomes, entrepreneurship, negotiation and communications skills.
Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant 360-degree feedback review is intended for use with employees that play support roles to others in the organization. It focuses on skills related to task-orientation, communication, and self-management.
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