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EchoSpan's preparations for the novel corona virus outbreak

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We've received questions from several clients regarding EchoSpan's response to the novel corona virus outbreak in the United States. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance on what EchoSpan has done to prepare for an emergency of this type and what we're currently doing to ensure smooth operations during this period of uncertainty.

EchoSpan Staffing

In 2016, EchoSpan instituted a permanent work-from-home policy for all employees. Our main office in Atlanta was closed based on our employees' preference toward working virtually. Since then, we've all worked remotely and have refined our policies, tools and procedures so that our business runs smoothly without the need for a common office space. Three years into this program, we're experts at working, collaborating and growing a company without regular face-to-face contact. We're also geographically dispersed; half of EchoSpan's employees are in the Atlanta area and half are in Florida. On March 1st, we activated our business continuity plan's procedures on widespread infectious disease. This involves regularly checking in with each other on our own health as well as ensuring that we have redundancy in staffing on all critical positions.

EchoSpan Technology

EchoSpan's technology platform is hosted in Dallas, Texas with a disaster recovery facility in Dulles, Virginia. While EchoSpan employees are capable of managing the servers and devices that run our software, we have plans in place to allow our hosting provider to apply critical updates or perform other maintenance tasks on our behalf in the event our staff is unable. In the event that our primary hosting facility is not able to perform regular duties, we are able to divert all user traffic to our disaster recovery facility in 24-48 hours. Additional information on the technologies that underpin our product is available here:

Financial Stability

EchoSpan is a profitable company with considerable financial reserves. We are not, nor have ever been, dependent on outside funding for the operation of our business. Our business carries no debt and is prepared to handle volatility in the market. We have planned ahead for events such as this one to ensure we can weather unforeseen events such as this without service interruption.

Attendance at Events

EchoSpan has several speaking events and sponsorships planned for 2020. Our attendance at these events is currently under review. The health of our employees is our highest priority. Updates will be posted to this page as decisions are made regarding event attendance.

Last updated: Monday, March 2, 2020
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