Performance Management Specialists EchoSpan Discuss the Value of iPad Capabilities

EchoSpan talks about the value of providing iPad applications as an alternative to traditional computer applications

Articles » Performance Management Specialists EchoSpan Discuss the Value of iPad Capabilities

EchoSpan was the first, and so far only, professional management software company to develop an iPad-centric version of its Web-based 360-degree feedback tool. The reasoning is simple: tablet technology makes it easier for on the go executives to conduct employee performance reviews wherever business takes them.

In the last year, the company has seen tablet traffic for its programs more than triple and traffic is up fifteen times over what it was two year ago. Catching that technology trend early means that EchoSpan can provide the tools your company needs to offer 360-degree feedback as easily as possible.

Though EchoSpan's existing Web-based 360-degree feedback tool worked well enough on tablet computers, researchers at the company noticed there were key differences in the way people interact with computer-based websites and tablet applications. Those differences translated into new formatting and features found only on the iPad version of the EchoSpan tool. "For example, users of iPads interact with the screen using both hands, sometimes just their thumbs," said Lance King, Senior Software Developer at EchoSpan, "so, we had to change the way the tool works to accommodate this method of interaction." The result is an application that works smoothly regardless of platform.

Tablets are replacing laptops as the computing choice for business and education professionals and almost 80 percent of those mobile application users choose the iPad platform. In financial and education circles, the numbers are even higher.

The development of the iPad specific application has made employee evaluation and employee development easier than ever before. The unique software offerings from EchoSpan make it possible to offer employees 360 feedback as well as allowing managers and human resources professionals to monitor employee performance.

The EchoSpan system offers a streamlined, centralized performance management system that allows managers to quickly get reviews done and provide feedback.

"The software we offer cuts down on paperwork and makes it possible to finish employee evaluations in much less time. With the iPad application, we cater to the busiest managers in business, knowing that we need to stay with them on the cutting edge of technology," said Joe Vance, CEO of EchoSpan.

To try EchoSpan's unique iPad application for 360-degree feedback, visit them at

About EchoSpan:
Since 2002, EchoSpan has been simplifying employee performance management by providing clients with employee performance management solutions. Today, over 2,000 companies trust EchoSpan with their employee data and talent development needs.

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Last updated: Thursday, August 23, 2012
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