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Minor release update for August 2018

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Version 7.67a of the EchoSpan platform will be released on August 5 th, 2018. This is an interim release that includes several new features. A brief summary of the new enhancements is below. Once the release is published, we'll make additional documentation on each of these items available in our product guides.

Product Enhancements Key: E = Enterprise Edition, P = Professional Edition, A = All Editions

Refreshed Admin Interface
Administrative users will see a refreshed navigation menu , color scheme, and overall appearance in the EchoSpan admin tool. The look has a more modern feel, simplifies the navigation menu for users and uses screen space more efficiently. (A)

Translated Content Import
Your translated survey content (questions, competencies, rating scales, etc.) can now be uploaded much more quickly into the EchoSpan admin tool. Instead of entering individual translations into the tool via the user interface, you can now upload your own content or use auto-translated import templates built in Excel to expedite the process. (E)

Minimum Number of Ratings for Reports
Administrators can prevent the system from creating reports when a minimum total number of non-self, non-critical raters have not finished a review. When this setting is active, reports are locked in the admin tool and when the Project Autopilot or "Batch All Reports" feature is used to create reports. (P, E)

SSO Users Database Tab
Enterprise Edition clients will see a new, specific tab for their SSO users in the tool. The purpose of this screen is to let Administrators review their current SSO user database and see changes immediately when updates are made via the API. (E)

Auto-translate All Fields
An additional language feature now exists that will automatically translate all empty language translation fields. When this feature is used, any fields that do not have custom translations applied will be populated with a Google translation, which can then be edited by the Administrator. (E)

How to Upgrade
Because all 7.67a enhancements pertain to the administrative tool, all accounts are upgraded automatically. No action is necessary.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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