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360-Degree Feedback improvements for the second quarter 2019

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Version 7.69 of the EchoSpan platform will be released on April 13, 2019. This release includes new features and enhancements to our 360-degree feedback tool that increase usability. As always, new features are included at no cost in their respective EchoSpan editions.

Brief summaries of the new features and enhancements are below. Once the release is published, we'll make additional documentation on each of these items available in the product guides . You can also sign up for a live session to review the new features with one of our client managers on April 23rd or 24th here . We're thankful to all of our customers for their suggestions and feedback that have led to these great new additions to the platform.

7.69 Release Highlights
(P= Professional Edition, E = Enterprise Edition, A = All Editions)

Major Enhancements:

1. Hour Selector for Project Autopilot. When using the Project Autopilot you can now specify the time that you would like events to be executed. This feature is especially useful when administering projects in different time zones and allows Administrators the ability to execute events on the same day that they set up an event. If an event execution time is not selected, the Project Autopilot will execute events at 12:05am CT. (A)

2. Display Self-evaluation Results to Managers While Completing Reviews. Manager raters can view self-evaluators' responses while they complete their review of that employee. Self-scores are identified in the manager's review of the employee with a yellow highlight for rated items . Self-evaluation comments are displayed below the comment box items in the managers' review form for the employee. This allows Manager Raters to have a point of reference when providing feedback to an employee. (E)

3. Key Phrase Analysis for Reports . You can automatically identify and highlight key phrases in a Target's comments report section and display the results as a word cloud or graph. The graph uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to extract key phrases and ranks them based on frequency. (E)

4. Improved Product Guide Search. Searching product guide articles is now easier as the search algorithm has been improved and results are more accurate. Search results are displayed in a ranked order and show the relevance of each result. A short preview of the product guide article is also displayed below the title in search results. (A)

5. Allow Managers to Run Reports on Indirect Reports This feature provides managers with the ability to run 360 reports on assigned Targets and indirect reports from their project dashboards. Admins can define how many past review cycles Managers have access to, or they can opt to allow access to reports from all past review cycles. Managers are defined by an uploaded employee hierarchy file, or, can be defined by managerial Rater groups (P, E)

Other Enhancements:

1. Revised Hidden Strengths & Blind Spots report component (P, E)

2. Option to only display Self-evaluation comments in reports (P, E)

3. Upload Raters to a single Target from Excel (A)

4. Restricted access option for Admins to prevent access to reports (P, E)

5. Improved timestamp logging for Rater list change notifications (P, E)

6. Prevent deletion of Rater groups when there are In Progress or Finished Raters (A)

7. Enhanced Admin access controls for support requests (A)

How to Upgrade

Once released, the version 7.69 update is automatically applied to any new, blank project you create. You can also update an existing project by opening the project and clicking " Upgrade Project " in the top right of the project's homepage. This option will only be visible if an update is available for that project. Upgrades are available to clients without existing customizations. Note that if you clone a project that uses an older version of code, the new project will also be based on the older code and require a manual update.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on our product and services. Please remember that we offer a question and answer session each week that is an open forum for customer questions. One of our Senior Client Service Managers leads the interactive session and will address any product questions you have. You can sign up for these recurring weekly sessions below:

Thank you for choosing EchoSpan for your employee feedback and review needs.

Last updated: Monday, April 8, 2019
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