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Custom language translations, editable reports now available in latest feature release

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At EchoSpan, we strive to continually improve our 360-degree assessment tool to better serve our customers and the needs of the industry. We do this by listening to YOU, our customers, and what you tell us your goals and challenges are. When we identify new features that will improve our platform for our entire customer-base, we begin the process of vetting out that feature and planning it for a major release.

This is all done as part of our continual effort to offer a "state-of-the-art" 360-degree feedback solution. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce that we've added some new features to our tool. These enhancements were developed directly in response to client feedback and will be standard features within the Professional, Unlimited and Enterprise editions of the tool. They include:

  1. Custom Language Translations. You can now administer 360-degree feedback projects in multiple languages with your own custom translations for items, competencies, rating scales and relationship groups. Sixty-four languages are currently supported, with more on the way.

    Learn more about how to use this new feature by checking out the product guide:
  1. Editable Report Components. You already have the ability to create custom report templates by selecting report components from our library, but now you'll have even more control over the layout and appearance of your reports. Editable Report Components let you change the names of report sections, styles of charts and graphs, change fonts, insert pages of formatted text, include a dynamic table of contents page and much more, all within the administrative tool.*

    Learn more about how to begin leveraging this new feature by checking out the product guide:

    *Contact your Client Manager prior to utilizing this new feature if we have developed unique report customizations for your account.
  1. Automatic Report Distribution. You can now configure the administrative system to automatically distribute PDF reports to Targets once their reviews reach a pre-determined level of completion. When activated, this feature will remove the burden of generating and emailing reports from the administrator and create an end-to-end automated workflow for review administration.

    You can access this feature via the admin tool by going to the "Setup" menu option >> "Advanced Settings" and expanding the "Reports" section. Learn more about how to use Automatic Report Distribution by reading the following article:
  1. Single Sign-On for Unlimited Edition Accounts. Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available in both the Enterprise and Unlimited editions of the tool. With Single Sign-On, your users can log into the EchoSpan system using their existing corporate intranet username and password. They'll never need to remember a separate EchoSpan password again. Setup is free, per-user costs are minimal and configuration can usually be done same-day. ( Professional edition accounts can upgrade to Unlimited at any time to take advantage of this feature.)

    To learn more about integrating your existing SSO infrastructure with EchoSpan, please read the following article:

  2. Transfer Targets. This feature gives administrators the ability to quickly and easily move a Target from one project to another directly from the main project dashboard.

    Learn more about how to begin leveraging this new feature by checking out the product guide:
  1. Enhanced Security & Session Handling. We've strengthened our encryption model to provide better security for your users. This update includes the ability to "time out" users that sit idle in the tool for too long without acting with a "one minute warning" that their idle sessions are about to expire.

In future posts, we'll dive deeper into each one of the features above. Until then, feel free to contact support or your Client Manager about adding them to your subscription.

Last updated: Monday, January 26, 2015
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