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Are you looking for ways to streamline your 360 feedback process? EchoSpan easily integrates with your existing HRIS or employee performance management system to make running employee surveys easier. Using a variety of connection methods, you can integrate your EchoSpan 360 assessments and employee surveys with common HRIS platforms and employee management systems such as Workday, ADP and SuccessFactors to name a few. By integrating with EchoSpan, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including Single sign-on (SSO), automatic review initiation, and the ability to upload and download legacy data and reports.

One of the most exciting features of EchoSpan is Single sign-on (SSO). With SSO, your users can log into EchoSpan with the same username and password they use to log into your corporate intranet. This eliminates the need for users to remember yet another login, and it ensures that their login credentials remain within your organization. SSO is supported by the SAML 2.0 standard, and EchoSpan's data integration tools can automatically maintain synchronization between your user database and ours.

Another valuable benefit of integrating your HRIS with EchoSpan is the ability to download review data and scores. Via EchoSpan's API, you can configure automatic download of hundreds of pre-built data exports or custom data exports built for your organization. Downloads are provided via HTTPs and can be created in a variety of formats. This saves you the time and trouble of manually collecting data and entering it into your HRIS.

If you have transitioned to EchoSpan from another 360-degree feedback tool, you can use our legacy import features to migrate your existing review data into our tool. Once migrated, you can run reports within EchoSpan on your legacy data as if it were originally created within our tool. This feature is especially valuable for organizations that have invested significant time and resources into developing their HR infrastructure.

Another feature of EchoSpan that sets us apart is the ability to upload legacy review reports. If you are using EchoSpan to host reports from a previous 360-degree feedback or employee performance management tool, you can use data integration tools to upload and maintain libraries of documents including PDF, Word, Excel, and other document formats. This means you can access all of your HR data in one place, making it easier to manage and analyze.

Finally, EchoSpan's automatic review initiation feature allows you to automatically start reviews based on employee start date, tenure, role changes, and more. This feature saves you time and ensures that your reviews are always initiated in a timely manner. You can customize the parameters of this feature to suit your organization's needs.

Integrating your HR infrastructure with EchoSpan offers a wide range of benefits that will save you time and hassle. With features like Single sign-on, automatic review initiation, and the ability to upload and download legacy data and reports, EchoSpan is the perfect solution for organizations that want to streamline their HR processes. Contact us today to learn more about how EchoSpan can benefit your organization.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 3, 2023
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