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If you are a human resources consultant or coach that is thinking of delivering 360-degree feedback to your customers, EchoSpan has you covered. Our tool was designed from the start to address the unique needs of HR consultants and coaches. Here are five of our most popular features for consultants and coaches:

  • Organize customer accounts. You can create sub-accounts for each of your customers, each customizable with their own logos, review content, workflows and sub-administrators. If you have a customer that wants to manage their own review process or run their own reports, you can provide permissions for individual features as needed.

  • Uncover new consulting opportunities. Logic built into the EchoSpan tool can automatically analyze your customers' 360-degree feedback results and provide coaching opportunity reports to you daily. You'll be able to pinpoint areas where your customers' employees need development help in real-time and even group employees with similar development needs together.

  • Flexible reporting. Your customers' reporting needs are likely as unique as their competency models. With EchoSpan, you can build custom report templates for each of your clients. You can selectively add or remove sections from reports, customize report text and colors and even change report languages with a click.
  • Automated project management. Run hundreds or thousands of reviews with ease. Our project autopilot handles the details and deadlines of even the most complex 360-degree feedback workflows. You simply tell the system the dates on which you want events to occur and it takes care of the rest. The autopilot even reports back to you daily on the status of each of your projects with an update on action taken and upcoming events.
  • Global compliance. EchoSpan is compliant with GDPR and other international privacy and security standards. Our tool is also currently undergoing ISO 27001 certification, making EchoSpan a choice that your clients can trust and depend on for user privacy and information technology security.

These are just a few reasons why we've been so successful in bringing HR consultants and coaches into our user community. The best way to experience these and other great features geared toward consultants is to reach out and schedule a demo. We'll be happy to discuss how we can meet your 360-degree and employee feedback needs.

Last updated: Thursday, November 4, 2021
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