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Version 7.77 of the EchoSpan platform is now live. This release includes a number of enhancements to our reporting and development resources, as well as security features and other updates to the administrative tool.

Thank you to all of the program administrators who offered suggestions and feedback that helped us identify these enhancement opportunities. We re grateful for the perspective that you offer in continually improving the EchoSpan platform! Brief summaries of each update are included below.

7.77 Release Highlights

(P= Professional Edition, E = Enterprise Edition, A = All Editions, EE = Employee Engagement)

Reporting and Development Enhancements

Rater Group Merging (E): administrators can now combine the results from multiple relationship groups if any of those groups do not meet a designated minimum number of responses. When the results are combined, they will appear in a unique relationship group that can be set to only appear in the report if the rater group merging rules are triggered.

Managerial Export (E): when managers are granted access to generate PDF reports for their direct reports from their dashboards, the project can also be configured by EchoSpan admins to allow managers to download an excel file with the scores and comments for all of their direct reports in the system, based on the hierarchy or managerial rater assignments.

Reading Suggestions and Action Guide Logic (P,E): we ve enhanced the Recommended Reading Suggestions and Development Plan Action Guides report components with settings that enable the administrator to select the logic that will be used to identify the resources that are pulled into reports. Resources can be identified based on the highest or lowest rated competencies, blind spots or hidden strengths, or competencies that are scored above or below the benchmark scores for the project.

Development Plan Auto-Population Setting (P,E): we ve also updated the Development Planning module with a setting that enables the admin to determine the logic for identifying development items when a user populates the plan automatically. The items may be pulled in based on the highest and lowest rated items or based on the blind spots and hidden strengths.

Security Enhancements

Single Sign On with Local Login Password Replacement (E): this feature enables administrators to send email messages containing their custom SSO link, as well as local login credentials that might be necessary for external raters that aren t included in the employee database. The system will reference the employee directory and automatically hide local login password from showing in email messages for database employees who should be accessing the tool via SSO.

Single Sign On Link for Auditors (E): when a project is configured to route a target s rater list to an auditor for approval, the system will remove the local login URL from auditor summary messages, when the auditor is verified in the user database.

Report Download Security Setting (P,E): administrators can now require targets or managers to be logged into the tool in order to download and access reports that are distributed via email.

Other Updates

  • Multiple Choice Pie Chart Indexing (EE)
  • Revised Report Distribution Options (P,E)

If you have any questions about these enhancements, or if you re interested in learning more about the EchoSpan platform and best practices to develop your employees, please reach out to us at

Last updated: Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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