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Applying Super-Competencies to your review items

Super-Competencies allow you to group competency scores together into high level dimensions.   The super competencies will appear on the user dashboard and reports once they are generated.  You can add a super competency report component to any of your report templates to display the overall scores in the report. 

  • Create a list that groups your competencies into Super-Competencies. You must have a minimum of two Super-Competencies. An example grouping can be found here.
  • Send your list to the EchoSpan Support Team ( and they will import the Super-Competencies into your account and send you a confirmation email.
  • Login to your project and from the drop-down menu, select Setup >> Review Items.
  • Click “Properties” next to a competency name.
  • Assign the competency to the appropriate Super- Competency listed in the dropdown.
  • Click “Save Changes.”

Once the Super-Competencies are assigned, you will want to add the “Super- Competency Summary” section to your custom report template. Instructions for adding report sections can be found here

*Super- Competencies can be applied to Professional and Enterprise accounts.

Last updated: Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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