Automatically generate reports for Targets based on configurable review completion rules

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The Automatic Report Distribution (ARD) feature autonomously generates and emails Targets their PDF feedback reports once their reviews reach a pre-determined level of completion. This feature is useful in situations where the Project Administrator does not feel it necessary or appropriate to be involved in the report-generation process, or where Targets are being run through the system asynchronously and there's not a set uniform reporting date for the feedback project. Note that even when the ARD feature is ON, the Project Administrator can run reports as normal from the administrative tool.

This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise Editions of EchoSpan's 360-degree feedback tool.

To configure the Automatic Report Distribution feature, open a feedback project and from the drop-down menu, select Setup>> Advanced Settings. Once on the Advanced Settings page, expand the "Reports" section and scroll to the "Automatic Report Distribution (ARD)" option.

There are several options you can configure for ARD:

  1. Automatic Report Distribution (ARD) Master Switch: This turns ON or OFF the ARD feature. When off, all subsequent settings are ignored.
  2. ARD Report Template: This is the report template that will be used to run automatically generated reports. Reports will be constrained by the "Minimum Responses Per Rater Group" and "Minimum Response Filter Intensity" setting, also locating in the "Reports" section of the Advanced Settings page. For the protection of your Participants, all reports generated by the ARD tool are password protected. The password will be the same as the "Invitation Code" provided to the Target at the start of the feedback process. 
  3. ARD Completion Level: This is the minimum percentage of Non-Self Raters that must be in a "Finished" status in order to trigger the generation of a report. Once this level of completion is reached for a particular Target, feedback will be turned OFF and a report automatically generated. To require that all Raters be finished before running a report, set the drop-down box to "100 percent of Raters." Upon reaching the pre-determined level of completion, a Target's feedback report is queued for generation. It generates after 12 hours of being queued, to allow Raters time to finalize feedback or make any final changes.
  4. ARD Require Self Feedback: When set to ON, the Target is required to complete his or her self evaluation prior to a report being automatically generated by the system, regardless of the specified ARD Completion Level setting.
  5. ARD Require Manager Feedback: When set to ON, all managerial Raters are required to complete feedback for a Target prior to a report being automatically generated by the system, regardless of the specified ARD Completion Level setting. Manager Rater groups are defined in the Setup menu option » Relationship Groups page.
  6. BCC Admin: This feature copies the Project Administrator on all Target report email sent as a result of the ARD process.

Last updated: Thursday, January 26, 2017
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