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Sub-accounts allow you to organize your client’s projects and data into a separate account for each individual customer. You can provide your clients administrative access to manage projects autonomously and each account can be branded specifically for each client. Sub-account functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise Editions of the tool. 

To add a sub-account:

  • From the My Account tab, select the Sub-Accounts option.
  • Click “New Account” and enter the information into the form.
  • The form will require you to transfer at least 1 license from your main account to your sub-account.
  • Click “Submit” to add the new account.

After the sub-account has been setup:

  • Sub-accounts can be acessed from the Main (Master) Account anytime by going to My Account >> Sub Accounts. Click "Login" to the right of the sub-account you wish to access.
  • Additional licenses within the sub-account​ by clicking on "Buy Licenses" on the right hand side of the screen when you are logged into the subaccount.
  • The clients logo can be uploaded within the sub-account by going to My Account >> Logo.
  • Main account project templates can be cloned within sub-accounts by following the steps to duplicate a project.

Last updated: Friday, October 13, 2017
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