Product Guides: 360-Degree Feedback

Create review invitations for Targets and Raters

A review invitation is the email a Target or Rater will receive inviting them to participate in the 360 review process.  This email is queued automatically for Targets and Raters upon adding them to the system, though there are a few exceptions.

Target Self Evaluation Invitations:

  • Self-evaluation invitations are queued for Targets when they are added to a project.
  • If your project settings allow targets to select their own Raters, the invitation to complete their Rater list will also be queued.
  • Exception:  If you have email handling set to Real Time from the Setup >> Project Settings drop-down menuemails to Targets added individually from the admin tool will go out immediately.

Rater Review Invitations:

  • Rater review invitations are queued for Raters as they are added to a project for each target they need to review. If you would prefer to send summary invitations click here.
  • To send the messages from the queued email box go to the Email menu option >> Queued Messages. Then, you can select to send all messages or just send the ones you have selected using the box next to each participants name.

Last updated: Wednesday, August 03, 2016