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Raters can be deleted from their assigement to a target when necessary (incorrect entry, employee termed or promoted, etc). When a rater is deleted, their record and their feedback submitted on that target are moved into an archived status for 90 days. Deleted raters can be viewed and/or reactivated by clicking on the Targets' name from the Home screen and then selecting the "Deleted Raters" tab. After the 90 day archived period, their rater instance and feedback data are permanently deleted from the system.

To delete a rater assigned to an individual target:

  • Open the project
  • Click on the target name to open their profile page
  • Select the box next to the rater that you want to delete
  • Then, click the Red X to delete the rater

To delete raters assigned to multiple targets:

  • Open the project
  • Go to Raters >> Manage
  • Search by the rater's last name
  • Select each rater instance
  • Click the Red X icon to delete all the selected rater instances

Note: active targets cannot be deleted from a project. A target is considered active if they have logged in, submitted feedback and/or if their raters have submitted feedback. If there is a special scenario in which the target should be deleted, please reach out to

Last updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
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