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The emails you choose to send your participants throughout the 360 review process can easily be edited in the administrative side of the tool. Follow the steps below to review EchoSpan's standard templates and make edits to adapt to your process.

  • From the drop-down menu, select Email>>Edit Email Templates.
  • Click the green plus sign for the recipient group in the left column to expand and display the email template names.
  • Choose the email template you would like to edit. You can edit the wording of the template and/or copy and paste in your own content.
  • You will notice that there are words in double brackets in each template, ex. [[targetname]]. These are merge fields that are going to automatically customize each participant email. If you would like to include more custom fields, a list of them can be found by clicking on the "Click here for tips" link located in the intro message.
  • Once Targets and Raters are added to your project an email will be queued for them (by default) using the templates in the system at that time. If you make changes to the templates after the participants are added, the system will prompt you to re-queue your messages using the new language.

Available Merge Fields:

To insert......use this merge field
Recipient First Name[[fname]]
Recipient Last Name[[lname]]
Recipient Login/Email Addresss[[email]]
Recipient Relationship (360s only)[[relationship]]
Target's Full Name[[targetname]]
Target's First Name[[targetfname]]
Contact/Support Name[[clientname]]
Contact/Support Email[[clientemail]]
Sender Email[[adminemail]]
Sender Name[[adminname]]
URL to Login Page[[url]]*
Rater Invitation Code (360s only)[[raterid]]
Target Invitation Code (360s only)[[targetid]]
Project End Date (360s only)[[enddate]]
Today's Date[[today]]
List of Targets to Rate (360 summary email only)[[targetlist]]
Turn ON Rater Selection Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_rater_sel_on]]
Turn OFF Rater Selection Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_rater_sel_off]]
Turn ON Rater List Audit Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_audit_on]]
Turn OFF Rater List Audit Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_audit_off]]
Turn ON Feedback Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_feedback_on]]
Turn OFF Feedback Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_feedback_off]]
Turn ON Manager Reporting Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_reports_on]]
Turn OFF Manager Reporting Phase (autopilot date)[[phase_reports_off]]
Email Target Rater List Selection Invitation (autopilot date)[[phase_rater_sel_off]]
Email Target Rater List Selection Reminder (autopilot date)[[phase_rater_sel_off]]
Email Self-evaluation Invitation (autopilot date)[[email_target_selfeval_inv]]
Email Self-evaluation Reminder (autopilot date)[[email_target_selfeval_rem]]
Email Rater List Auditor Invitations (autopilot date)[[email_auditor_inv]]
Email Summary Reminder for Rater List Auditors (autopilot date)[[email_auditor_rem]]
Email Summary Invitation for Raters (autopilot date)[[email_rater_inv]]
Email Summary Reminder 1 for Raters (autopilot date)[[email_rater_rem1]]
Email Summary Reminder 2 for Raters (autopilot date)[[email_rater_rem2]]
Email Report to Participants (autopilot date)[[email_target_report]]
Email Reports to Managers (autopilot date)[[email_manager_report]]
Manager Name[[manager_name]]

* Note that for report email, the URL will be a link to download the report PDF. If this message is generated using the Automatic Report Distribution feature, the report download link will be set to automatically expire after 30 days and will include a note indicating that date in the email message.

* Note the following fields are located at Setup >> Project Settings. These fields are almost always used in email templates and can be customized to your preferred contact information.

​Contact Name = the name shown as the sender of the emails from the tool (relevant to all email templates)
​Contact Email = [[adminemail]] (optional to be used in email templates)
​Project Administrator Name = [[adminname]] (optional to be used in email templates)

Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2016
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