Email Validation

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EchoSpan's email validation feature will trigger a popup notification if the system does not recognize the email address that was input into the tool. This notification may appear when an admin is inputting a single target/rater manually or when targets are inputting raters via their dashboard.

The notification serves as a warning in which case if the admin or user knows the email address to be correct, they can click "Submit" or "Add" (again) to override the warning.

In the event the email handle you are using often is not recognized by our email validation feature, you can turn this feature off which will also prevent the popup notifications from appearing.

  • Login to your EchoSpan account
  • Go to the My Account tab
  • Select "Do Not Validate" from the "Email Delivery Validation" section to turn this feature off

Last updated: Thursday, March 10, 2022
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