Employee access rights in development planning

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Employees can edit their development plans when:

  1. The development planning feature is turned on.
  2. A report has been generated for the 360-degree feedback project associated with the development plan.

General Access Rights

When editing plans, employees have the following access rights:

  1. Read/write access to all goal fields except manager/observer comments.
  2. The ability to set the Observer for a goal that they create.
  3. Set reminder options for any goal. (Reminders are sent 30, 15, 7, and 1 day to due date.)
  4. Set metric values for any goal (depending on Development Plan settings)
  5. Set due dates for any goal.

Note that employees do not have the ability to set the Observer for a goal created by the manager (the employee's manager is the Observer by default).

Goal Properties and Metrics

Once employees they have identified goals, they can enter additional details about each to assist them in tracking progress. These include:

  1. Objectives: A statement of what the employee plans to improve.
  2. Measurements: How progress against the objective will be measured.
  3. Actions: What activities will be performed in order to achieve the objective.
  4. Outcome: What was the result of the development process.
  5. Metrics: Formula for scoring goals, goal weights, goal scores, and goal percent complete.
  6. Due date: When the development process is expected to be complete.
  7. Development Plan Observer: An individual selected to provide ongoing feedback on the employee’s progress of the goal. 

Deleting Goals

Employees can choose to delete one or all of their goals by clicking the checkbox next to the item and then clicking “Delete Selected.” This will also delete any objectives, measurements, metrics, actions or outcomes that the employee has added to the plan for that specific item. If the employee deletes all of the goals from their Development Plan, the options to automatically populate the plan or identify development areas manually will become available again. 

Goal & Score Details

If the employee has a goal tied to a review item, you have the option of allowing the employee to see their Overall Scores from the review or Detailed Scores . This can be configured from the drop-down menu, select Dev. Plans >> Feature Settings. When set to "Overall Scores Only," users will only see the combined 360 review score from all rater groups for each goal. When set to "Detailed Scores," the user has the option of seeing how each 360 feedback rater group rated him or her on each goal, if linked to a 360 review item. Detailed score display is automatically disabled when rater pooling is turned on (see advanced settings page) to protect rater anonymity.     

Dynamic Reading Suggestions

If you used EchoSpan’s competencies and items to build your review content you have the option to suggest readings from our developmental reading library, your custom reading library, or our action planning guides. This can be done from the drop-down menu, select Dev. Plans >> Feature Settings in the Resources and Reports section. The readings and tips will be suggested for each goal that is associated to a review item.

The Dynamic Reading Suggestions display developmental reading suggestions on the employee's Development Plan dashboard. The Dynamic Action Tips display developmental action suggestions on the employee's Development Plan dashboard. 

If you created your review using custom content, you can build your own reading library and action guides from the drop-down menu, select Project >>Widgets and then select the Developmental Resource Editor. 

Last updated: Monday, January 16, 2017
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