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Multiple Languages in an email template

When you are administering a project using multiple languages, you can create email templates that have instructions in multiple languages within the body of the email. You can insert a link for each language at the beginning of the email so the user can easily click the link and be taken to the portion of the email written in their preferred/spoken language.

  • Login to the project
  • Go to Email >> Edit Email Templates
  • Switch to HTML email mode (if the templates are not already set up this way in your project)
  • Click on the email template you wish to edit.
  • Enter each translated version of the email text into the message. If the majority of users speak English, you can enter that text first with an option to jump to other languages or text further into the email.
  • Once the text is entered into the template, you'll want to establish your anchor tags for the email. This is the destination that a hyperlink will be directed to. To do this, click the spot in the email where you want to establish the anchor tag and then click the anchor icon on the email formatting toolbar. Next, you can enter a label for the anchor in the pop-up box and click Update to save. You will need to create an anchor tag for each spot where a new translation begins in the template.
  • Once the anchor tags are established, you can create hyperlinks at the beginning of the email message that will direct participants to their preferred language within the email. To do this, go to the top of the message and enter the text that you want to hyperlink from and highlight it. Next, click the chain hyperlink icon on the formatting toolbar and a pop-up will appear. Enter the label of your anchor with a # in front of the label. Next, click Insert to establish the hyperlink to the anchor tag.
  • Click Save Template to finalize all changes once you've completed these steps for each applicable language within the template.

**Anchor functionality is available in all editions of the tool, but multiple languages are only supported in Professional and Enterprise.

Last updated: Friday, April 10, 2020
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