Outbound Email Server: Relay Server vs EchoSpan Local Server

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Email delivery can be approached in two ways with your organization/client: either with a Relay Server or the EchoSpan Local Server. You can view the selection that is in place for your account under the My Account >> General Tab under the Outbound Email Server section.

Email security standards vary from one organization/client to the next, so prior to launching projects with a new organization it's helpful to engage the email administrator in IT to see if they require you to whitelist email domains or IPs in order to allow messages to be delivered for survey process.

If the organization does require you to have the domain and IPs whitelisted, we suggest you use the local server and provide them with the echospan.com domain as well as our IP addresses. For security purposes, please contact Support@echospan.com or your designated Client Manager to request the IP addresses.

Otherwise, we recommend use of the Relay Server. The relay server only encounters deliverability issues if the organization's security standards require all email communications to come from known/whitelisted IPs. The IP addresses aren't static for the relay server, so the ones that aren't whitelisted get blocked.

For additional email troubleshooting recommendations such as test emails and checking Spam folders, please click here.

Last updated: Monday, July 12, 2021
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