Pool rater groups on a report

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Use rater pooling to combine the scores submitted by rater groups when too few responses exist in any particular group.

Be careful not to create circular references (Peer pools to Subordinate and Subordinate pools to Peer) as these will cancel each other out. Note that questions directed to a specific rater group in the Review Items page cannot be pooled with responses from other groups.

  • From the drop-down menu, select Setup>> Advanced Settings and turn on rater pooling under the Report Settings section.
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, select Setup>> Relationship Groups and click the advanced link  for a group you want to pool. There you can determine what groups the other will be pooled with depending on how many people respond
  • Click "Insert new relationship group" if you wish to create a combo group for multiple groups to pool into

Note regarding combo groups: you can create a new relationship group if you wish to pool multiple groups into a combination group such as "Peers/Direct Reports". In this example, you would create the new group "Peers/Direct Reports" and then pool Direct Reports to "Peers/Direct Reports" as well as pool Peers to "Peers/Direct Reports".

***This feature is not available on the Starter Edition tool.

Multi-Group Rater Pooling (Advanced Pooling feature):

**This is a beta feature that is available on the Enterprise Edition Only

The advanced rater pooling trigger can be set to combine responses from multiple rater groups into a separate/unique rater group. This feature prompts the indicated rater groups to combine into the unique rater group if any one of the groups doesn't meet their minimum. When the results are combined, they will appear in a unique relationship group on the report that can be set to only appear in the report if the rater group merging rules are triggered.

  • Login to the project
  • Go to Setup >> Relationship Groups
  • Click on the Advanced tab to the right of the relationship group
  • Set the response pooling rules
  • Select Trigger this rule when any other dependent relationship group falls below pooling minimums
  • Repeat these steps for any additional rater groups that should be included and prompted by the trigger
  • For the unique relationship group that you create solely for combining rater resonses, you can select the Show in individual reports "Only when pooling" feature. This will assist in the aesthestics of the report and this group will not be displayed for targets when they are selecting their own raters.

**Note: this is a beta feature that is available on the Enterprise Edition only

Last updated: Thursday, January 26, 2017
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