Providing account access to EchoSpan Support

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Access to your account by EchoSpan Support can be set to temporary or permanent. Temporary access will require an admin (Master or Other Admin) to submit a support ticket with the selection of allowing Support access. The Permanent option keeps the account in a state of open access; although, it can be changed to Temporary at any time (by Master Admin only).

Option 1- Submitting a support ticket:

  • Log in to your EchoSpan account
  • Click Support at the top of your page
  • Complete the requested fields
  • Be sure to keep the box selected for "Give EchoSpan support full troubleshooting access to your account(s) for 72 hours" at the bottom left corner to provide EchoSpan Support access to your account (click here for screen shot)
  • Click "Send Support Request"

Option 2- To allow permanent access: (please note: only the Master Admin has access to this setting and it can be changed back to temporary at any time)

Last updated: Monday, June 3, 2019
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