Product Guides: 360-Degree Feedback

Review Individual Activity Logs

EchoSpan administrators can look up all of the actions taken by a particular user in the tool. This is helpful in determining a timeline of events during troubleshooting. To access this information for a participant:

The system will display the 500 most recent results in the logs. The log currently displays when a user:

  • Is added as a target

  • Is added as a rater

  • Is added as an auditor

  • Logs into the system

  • Agrees to the privacy policy

  • Takes action on a review

  • Takes action on a rater list as an auditor

  • Receives an email

  • Downloads a report

  • Date user profile created (for sso/local login)

  • Date user profile updated

  • Date user password updated

Last updated: Friday, February 28, 2020
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