Review Statuses for Raters and Targets

Product Guides for EchoSpan 360-Degree Feedback

Review Status shows the current status of the Target or Rater in the overall review process. Target and rater statuses can be found at Targets >> Manage or at Raters >> Manage.

  • Needs Review - The Rater needs to be reviewed and approved by a designated Auditor or the project Administrator in order to be allowed to begin the feedback process.
  • Approved - The Rater is approved to start the review process.
  • Declined - The Rater has NOT been approved to participate in the review by the project Administrator or the Auditor.
  • Finished - The Target/Rater has successfully completed the review.
  • In Progress - The Target/Rater is in the process of completing the review.
  • Opted Out - The Rater has decided to opt out of participating in the review.
  • Disabled - The project Administrator has disabled the Rater's access.

To review target and rater statuses in excel or CSV format:

  • Go to Reports >> Export Data Files
  • Select Rater List (for current project) or Rater Status (for ALL projects)
  • Click "Create Export File"
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to the data

Last updated: Friday, November 19, 2021
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