Scored (Secondary) Competencies for Review Content Items

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This Enterprise feature is used to accommodate scoring items in secondary competencies. If your review content consists of items within standard competencies that should be shown on reports as grouped and scored in a secondary category (competency), you can do so through the use of Scored (secondary) Competencies.

  • Log in to the project

  • Go to Setup >> Review Items

  • Click "Add a new Competency" and add the Competency title(s), (both primary and secondary scored competencies)

  • Add all review items to their associated primary competency

  • Then, click "Edit Item" for a review item that should be assigned to a secondary/scored competency

  • Next, click "Advanced Options" for that item

  • Choose the Scored (secondary) competency assignment from the drop down box for "Scored Competency"

  • Click "Save"

  • Repeat steps 4-7 above for each item you want to have scored in a secondary category

Next, configure the report template to show the Scored (secondary) comps. This can be done by going to Reports >> Edit Report Templates.

  • Select "Create a New Report Template" or "Open a Template to Edit".

  • Add all report components that you would like to use for the reports.

  • Open the Settings of each component and select the Scoring method you would like to show from the "Competency Scoring (advanced)" dropdown.

  • *Tip: you can add two of the same components if you wish to show one with "standard/normal" scoring and one with the Scored (secondary) competency(s).

  • Click the "Close" button at the bottom of the window and your settings will be saved.

Scoring Method Definitions:

  1. Normal Scoring (Default) - the report will show the items under the competency they are configured in on the Setup >> Review Items page
  2. Score Items in Secondary and Primary Competencies - the report will show items in both the primary competencies and the secondary/scored competencies
  3. Score Items in Secondary Competencies Only - the report will show the items scored in their secondary/scored competencies only

*This feature is available on the Enterprise Edition only

Last updated: Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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