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Setup an Importance Rating competency

Importance Ratings are scored by Managers and Self-raters in order to evaluate the significance of specific competencies in the target’s role. The importance items appear the same as other rated items in the review, but are scored using the Importance Ratings scale described below. These ratings may help targets realize development opportunities in their current role.

  • Click the "New Competency" button at the top of the review items page.
  • Type in your Importance category name.
  • Click the “Properties” link next to the competency name.
  • Select the radio button next to “Importance Rating” and click “Save.”
  • To add items to your Importance Rating competency, click “New Item” at the top of the page and enter your items, separating each item with a link break. Select your Importance Rating as the associated category. The items should be setup as Rated Items and posed only to the Self and Manager groups. Then click “Submit.”

Please note: 

  • The review item must have the same name as a competency (For example, an “Accountability” review item will need to match to an “Accountability” competency name).
  • Or, the review item must start with the name of a competency followed by a colon and a description of the competency being rated. (For example, the Importance Rating item, “Accountability: taking responsibility for ones actions” must match to the competency named “Accountability”).

Last updated: Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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