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Importance Ratings are used in a feedback survey to evaluate/display the significance of specific competencies in the target s role. The importance items appear the same as other rated items in the review but are to be configured for only Managers and Targets (Self-Raters) feedback. These ratings are used to help Targets align their focus on the areas that are deemed most important for their role and realize development opportunities in their current role.

Step 1: Create the Importance Rating Competency

  • Login to the project and go to Setup >> Review Items
  • Click the "Add New Competency" button under the Manage Review Content menu on at the left of the Review Items page
  • Type in your Importance competency name and click Submit .
  • Click the Properties link next to the newly created competency name.
  • Select the radio button next to Importance Ratings radio button for the Category Type and click Save Changes.

Step 2: Add items to the Importance Rating Competency

  • To add items to your Importance Rating competency, click "Add New Question/Item" button under the Manage Review Items menu and enter your items, separating each item with a line break.

*Note: Each review item must have the same name as a competency (For example, an Accountability review item will need to match to an Accountability competency name), or, the review item must start with the name of a competency followed by a colon and a description of the competency being rated. (For example, the Importance Rating item, Accountability: taking responsibility for ones actions would align with the competency named Accountability ).

  • Select your Importance Rating as the associated category. The items should be setup as Rated Items and posed only to the Self and Manager groups. To configure the correct respondent groups, deselect Everyone and select Self and Manager (or the group name that you have designated as the manager group for the project). Choose whether the items should be required or not. Then click Save Changes.

Step 3: Add the Importance/Criticality report component to your custom report

  • Log in to the project and go to Reports >> Edit Report Templates
  • Open the template you will use for this project
  • Click Insert a Report Section
  • Select the Importance/Criticality Ratings report component and click Add Selected Components

Last updated: Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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