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Summarize key phrases in comments for a Target

You can automatically summarize key phrases in a Target’s comments report section and display the results as a word cloud or graph. The graph uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to extract key phrases and ranks them based on frequency.

  • From the drop-down menuselect Reports >>Edit Report Templates.
  • Click the “Open a Template to Edit” button and select the template for which you would like to update.
  • Click “Insert a Report Section” and add the Open-ended Comments section to your report.
  • Click the "Settings" option on the right side of the screen for the Open-ended Comments section.
  • Choose how you would like to summarize the key phrases from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you have completed customizations for the section click the "Close" button at the bottom of the window and your settings will be saved.

NOTE: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Last updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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