System Time Outs

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Below are troubleshooting tips to explore when administrators or users are experiencing shorter than usual session timeouts when working in EchoSpan's Administrator or User sites.

1. Ensure that the you have EchoSpan open on one tab per browser. If you are logged in as an administrator or user on multiple tabs of a browser the system will time out all sessions based on the session that has been open the longest.

2. Confirm that you are accessing the system with a static IP address (if you are connected through a proxy server, then this cycles IP addresses and causes a premature logout). This often happens if you are working and connected through a VPN. If possible, disconnect from VPN when accessing EchoSpan or you can request that your IT department set your system to access the EchoSpan website through a static IP address.

3. Confirm that the browser and version you are using is on our supported list. As a reminder, the administrative tool is designed for use with current versions of Chrome, Edge, FireFox and Safari.

Last updated: Thursday, November 19, 2020
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