The difference between Rater review messages and Rater summary messages

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There are two types of emails that you can send to your Raters, regular review messages and summary invitation messages.

Rater review invitations and reminders  are personalized messages that invite Raters to review a specific Target. One email is created per person that the Rater has to review, so if the Rater needs to review 10 targets, 10 emails will be created for the Rater.  The link in the review messages will take the Rater to their dashboard where they can view all of the reviews they have to complete.  Rater review invitations are created upon raters being added to a project.

Rater Summary invitations and reminders are used to reduce the amount of emails sent to your Raters.  If you choose to use the summary messages, only one email will be created for each Rater regardless of how many Targets they need to rate. You can include a merge code in the email template that will list the Targets they have to rate in the email message, [[targetlist]].  The link in the summary emails will take the Rater to their dashboard where they can view all of the reviews they have to complete.  Summary Invitations can be queued from the drop-down menu, select Email >> Summary Invitations.  

Last updated: Friday, August 5, 2016
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