User Acceptance Testing of Customizations

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What is UAT?

The last stage of the work order delivery process is User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The UAT process plays an important and crucial role as it validates whether your business requirements have been fulfilled before releasing the work order product to the production environment. UAT is primarily conducted by the customer with guidance and support provided by EchoSpan. It is important that you identify the people and resources necessary to complete UAT in a timely manner so that the work order s products can be delivered as scheduled.

It is also important to note that any customizations in the UAT phase of work will not benefit from the normal support SLAs provided for the production tool. Our staff is trained in the support of custom features only after they have been moved to production, so please note that support on UAT items will be slower than for standard features of the tool. Allow 24 business hours between UAT-related requests and responses from our team.

UAT Requirements

When performing UAT on an EchoSpan work order, we ll need to know the following:

1) The names and contact information of individuals at your company performing testing.

2) Identification of the accounts and feedback projects being used for testing.

3) What you require from EchoSpan in order to complete you testing (test data, documentation, data validation).

4) When testing will be conducted (so support resources are available at EchoSpan).

5) Detailed reporting on non-conformities to your business requirements or changes to specifications. When a testing issue arises during UAT, please be detailed in documenting what went wrong or what needs to change. URLs, screen captures and browser details are all helpful pieces of information to report to us so that we can quickly resolve problems.

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the UAT process, EchoSpan will work to correct non-conformities in the work order deliverables. If additional work is required a secondary work order may be created. Once all testing issues have been addressed, EchoSpan will work to move all approved customizations to the production environment. Once that is complete your new features are available to use, though post-production checks may be necessary based upon the nature of the work performed.

Last updated: Monday, September 20, 2021
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