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Accelerate talent development in your company with our proven, flexible and easy-to-use tools.

Industry Expertise and Experience

Revolutionize talent development with EchoSpan—a modern and highly customizable 360-degree feedback tool tailored for the unique demands of your the publishing and media space. EchoSpan's focus on customizability, branding, ease of use on any device, and seamless integration with existing systems positions it as the ideal solution for media organizations.

In an industry where creativity meets technology, EchoSpan addresses challenges such as the need for highly customizable feedback processes, modern tools that work on any device, easy setup, and seamless integration with existing systems.


Why Choose EchoSpan?

A Modern Tool for Any Device or Desktop
Empower your team with a modern 360-degree feedback tool that works seamlessly on any device or desktop, providing flexibility and accessibility.

Easy Setup, No Hassle
Implement EchoSpan effortlessly with a user-friendly setup process. No technical expertise needed, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Customizability and Branding
Tailor the feedback process to align with your brand identity. Customize content, branding, and messaging for a cohesive and personalized employee experience.

Security & Privacy
Ensure the highest standards of data security with EchoSpan. Our robust security measures protect your valuable information and feedback data.

Integration with Existing Systems
EchoSpan seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing a unified platform for comprehensive talent development without disruption.
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Read What Our Customers Say

Discover how EchoSpan has become the trusted feedback solution for leading names in the Publishing and Media industry, delivering customizable, modern tools to enhance talent development.

"My experiences with Echospan dates back several years now and I've seen many vendors comes and go in this space. But none have come even close to the customer support and ease of use offered by EchoSpan. The tool is very intuitive. The design, pleasing to the eye. The support team, quick to answer all my one-off question about the tool and possible creative uses beyond just the typical 360. As just one person on a small team pulled in 5 different directions at once, I appreciate the options to affordably outsource large projects to EchoSpan and administer the one-off surveys myself. With EchoSpan, you are purchasing more than a product. You are getting a true business partner in every sense."

"EchoSpan is by far the most superior 360 tool out there. The customization available, transparency of rater and target status, and ease/intuition of setup beats all other 360 tools out there."

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