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360-Degree Feedback improvements for the fourth quarter 2019

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Version 7.71 of the EchoSpan platform will be released on September 21st, 2019. This release includes new features and enhancements to our 360-degree feedback tool as well as the general beta release of our Employee Engagement module. As always, new features for the 360 tool are included at no additional cost in their respective EchoSpan editions.

Brief summaries of the new features and enhancements are below. Once the release is published, we'll make additional documentation on each of these items available in the product guides. You can also sign up for a live session to review the new features with one of our client managers on October 1st and 3rd .

We're thankful to all of our customers for their suggestions and feedback that have led to these great new additions to the platform!

7.71 Release Highlights
(P = Professional Edition, E = Enterprise Edition, A = All Editions)

Major Enhancements:

  1. Define Admin Permissions - allows Master Admins to enable or disable features that Other Admins will have access to in the account's administrative portal. If an admin attempts to access a feature that is restricted for them, they will be notified with a pop-up stating that they do not have access to that particular option and will be directed to the master admin for the account. (E)

  2. Enhanced Email Editor - we've enhanced the email editor to organize the email templates by recipient type in the tool. Once the recipient type is selected, the menu expands to show all applicable templates categorized by project phase . In previous versions of the tool, the templates were presented in alphabetical order based on the template type. Images are also supported in HTML email templates as a result of this enhancement. (A)

  3. Email Address Validator - EchoSpan now offers the ability to test the validity of email addresses in bulk. This can prevent mis-delivery of messages as a result of email errors in an import file. The new feature is available under the Test Email Delivery option. The tool can accommodate up to 250 email addresses per test and will alert the administrator with results via email. (E)

  4. Scheduled Exports - admins can now schedule status exports to run automatically based on pre-defined intervals. Each export can be set up to run automatically for up to a two-month period. When the report is generated, the admin who scheduled the export will receive an email notification prompting them to log into the system and download the report. This option can be used in conjunction with the auto-pilot to keep admins informed on participant status during the project. (E)

  5. Customizable Development Plan Report - admins now have the option to set up a custom report as the default template for users to download when they're in Development Planning module. We suggest leveraging the component in the report template library titled Current Development Plan Summary which allows admin to customize the title and intro text . (P,E)

  6. Employee Engagement - this is an all-new survey offering that clients can choose to add to their EchoSpan subscription after this release. (general beta P,E)

  • Conduct engagement, team or departmental surveys using the same EchoSpan tools you are accustomed to.

  • Customizable reporting that includes the ability to segment and filter responses by answers to demographic or other questions.

  • Seamless integration with your existing 360 review projects.

  • Support for very large survey populations.

Other Enhancements:

How to Upgrade

Once released, the version 7.71 update is automatically applied to any new, blank project you create. You can also update an existing project by opening the project and clicking Upgrade Project in the top right of the project's homepage. This option will only be visible if an update is available for that project. Upgrades are available to clients without existing customizations. Note that if you clone a project that uses an older version of code, the new project will also be based on the older code and require a manual update.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on our product and services. Please remember that we offer a question and answer session each week that is an open forum for customer questions. One of our Senior Client Service Managers leads the interactive session and will address any product questions you have. You can sign up for these recurring weekly sessions below:

Thank you for choosing EchoSpan for your employee feedback and review needs!

Last updated: Friday, September 20, 2019
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