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EchoSpan is continuously improving our offering by adding new features and enhancements based on client requests. A recent addition to the tool is a forced rank item type. Forced rank items can help individuals and teams prioritize where to focus their development efforts. When prioritizing, a team may be tasked with agreeing on a single, ranked list of items or projects. Forced ranking enables the group to make challenging decisions, and each item is ranked in relation to the others.

EchoSpan Forced Rank Items

Reporting on the feedback collected from this new item type is available in PDF as well as excel and csv formats. The report output provides details on the average rank for each item, the number of responses as well as the highest and lowest ranking that each item received.

EchoSpan Forced Rank PDF Reporting

For more details on how to leverage the forced rank item type in your surveys with EchoSpan, please reach out to us at

Last updated: Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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